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Burton Snowboards Inc. è un'azienda leader nell'ambito dello snowboard.

È specializzata in qualsiasi prodotto riguardante lo snowboarding: tavole, abbigliamento tecnico, attacchi ed accessori. Oltre al marchio principale, Burton incorpora altre aziende. Essendo un'azienda privata, non pubblica dati finanziari. Burton viene spesso citata come la Nike dello snowboard, per l'influenza che il suo marchio ha in questo sport. Ciononostante, bisogna sottolineare che Burton continua ad essere un'azienda indipendente gestita da uno snowboarder. Il team Burton è uno dei più numerosi ed ospita personalità, tra le quali spiccano Shaun White, Jeremy Jones, Terje Haakonsen, Mason Aguirre e Ross Powers.

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351,20 € 439,00 € -20%

BURTON PROCESS OFF-AXIS SNOWBOARD Meet the king of pop. This action-packed Process aligns performance with your stance for the ultimate in park-tuned geometry.

479,20 € 599,00 € -20%

BURTON CUSTOM TWIN SNOWBOARD Feel like any trick is possible with the twinned out alter-ego of the most iconic board ever.

351,20 € 439,00 € -20%

Celebrate Craig Kelly’s legacy for innovation with this cambered, Nug-sized evolution of his iconic signature model.

52,50 € 70,00 € -25%

With rucksack styling and tech function, this street pack blends a vintage feel and faux leather details with modern conveniences like a laptop compartment.

165,00 € 220,00 € -25%

Quite possibly the bestselling snowboard pant ever thanks to a timeless design, dialed fit, and lots of features.

300,00 € 400,00 € -25%

Step up to the [ak] advantage. Mandatory GORE-TEX® fabric performance for the 100-day season.

112,50 € 150,00 € -25%

Penthouse performance at bargain basement pricing. Without a doubt the best deal going.

150,00 € 200,00 € -25%

Penthouse performance at bargain basement pricing. Without a doubt the best deal going.

262,50 € 350,00 € -25%

Blow-dry your chassis with tough, lightweight GORE-TEX® fabric performance and high-output ventilation.

150,00 € 300,00 € -50%

The holy grail of streetwear style and waterproof/breathable function.The limited edition garment washed version of the Burton Cambridge Jacket offers the holy grail of streetwear style and waterproof/breathable function.

187,50 € 250,00 € -25%

The hardest working jacket on the hill. Authentic insulated workwear jacket backed by heavy duty weather defense.

90,00 € 120,00 € -25%

Versatility is always a good investment, and softshell offers the gold standard in all-weather comfort and performance.

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