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595,00 € 850,00 € -30%

Ob du eine Expedition ins tiefe Backcountry planst oder einfach nur neben der Piste powdern möchtest – so lange der Neuschnee dich motiviert, immer weiter zu gehen, ist das Morning Split das Brett deiner Wahl. 

525,00 € 750,00 € -30%

Hier ist dein Ticket zum Entdecken unverspurter Lines, neuer Backcountry-Features und atemberaubender Landschaften! Von dem Moment an, in dem das Creamer Split zu deinem Equipment gehört, wird die Mittagspause im Büro nie mehr dieselbe sein.

321,75 € 429,00 € -25%

The Arc is coming in hot for its second season as the most popular splitboard binding on the market and again features our Tesla T1 System. This is our lightweight, pow chasing model - maximum cutouts in the baseplate shave weight while maintaining the strength and performance needed in the backcountry. Perfect for long tours, epic overnighters, trees and...

559,30 € 799,00 € -30%

The Freeride Split  is developed to tackle any kind of snow and terrain you might find in the backcountry.

580,30 € 829,00 € -30%

The Coda Split is built on a reclined version of our Rocker System technology to increase skin–to–snow contact when climbing. The design brings the versatile, surfy performance of Coda Rocker design to riders who go deep and want extra float.

315,00 € 420,00 € -25%

The Hitchhiker Binding mounts directly to 2015 and newer Burton splitboards without any additional hardware needed To mount the Hitchhiker Binding to any other splitboard, you must purchase additional interface hardware sold separately through www.sparkrandd.com/gear/spark-pucks

51,75 € 69,00 € -25%

After six years of setting the splitboard performance standard with our patented Splitboard Clips, Karakoram is proud to improve upon that standard with the release of our new patented and patent pending UltraClip. www.splitboardbindings.com/products/ultraclips

463,20 € 579,00 € -20%

Active Joining Technology spring loads the Prime Connect bindings to your snowboard, giving you instantaneous response to navigate even the burliest terrain without sacrificing feel, comfort or flex. https://www.splitboardbindings.com/products/prime-connect/

30,00 € 40,00 € -25%

Riders can lock down the heel in tour mode to better adapt to diverse terrain types where quick descents, side-stepping, traversing, and skate-splitting become more effective means of backcountry travel.

66,75 € 89,00 € -25%

Near infinite adjustability for splitboards built with inserts. The unique, patent-pending design gives the Spark Pucks channel-like adjustability for regular splitboards.

87,20 € 109,00 € -20%

The Ibex Crampon is 4WD for your splitboard. Crampons mount to Tesla touring brackets and give riders added traction on steep or icy terrain. New for 16/17, we have added a narrow size for a better fit and reduced fatigue when used with narrower boards.

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