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For almost 100 years, Rottefella bindings have made skiers go faster.

In 1927, the Norwegian mechanical engineer inventor and industrialist Bror With created the first split toe binding. He used his bindings in a ski race where the then Crown Prince Olav was present. He took one look at the different looking bindings and asked Bror what on earth he had on his skis. The inventor quickly replied: “Oh, they’re just a couple of rat traps I picked up at the hardware store.” (Rottefella is the Norwegian word for rat trap.) The binding proved itself a success and the name “Rottefella” was a reality.

Numerous innovations and technological advances later, Rottefella is the leading producer of binding systems.

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The future of telemark skiing is here! Leaving the traditional 75mm duckbill behind, the progressive New Telemark Norm – NTN – splits from the herd to redefine free heel technology. Easier, smoother, and stronger, the binding’s construction and performance are unlike anything you’ve ever skied. 

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