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BURTON PROCESS OFF-AXIS SNOWBOARD Meet the king of pop. This action-packed Process aligns performance with your stance for the ultimate in park-tuned geometry.

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BURTON CUSTOM TWIN SNOWBOARD Feel like any trick is possible with the twinned out alter-ego of the most iconic board ever.

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Celebrate Craig Kelly’s legacy for innovation with this cambered, Nug-sized evolution of his iconic signature model.

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Navigate through the straight and narrow and along the ever- curving lines of the mountains. The Straight’s Backseat Camrock camber profile and shape lets you steer from the rear and plow through pow.

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SYMMETRIC 3D STRAPSThree dimensional Multi-Layer Strap Core evenly distributes pressure across the top of the foot, comfortably locking you in for maximum control. JULIET HIGHBACKAsymmetric in shape, asymmetric in flex, the 16/17 Juliet Highbacks are anatomically correct for optimal comfort, control and performance.

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Nessun altro scarpone ha aiutato così tanti rider a progredire ad un livello superiore in park, in pista ed in freeride. Con il perfetto mix di precisione, fitting e comodità in uno scarpone leggero e   performante i vostri piedi non crederanno a loro stessi quando si troveranno al loro interno!

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The Prodigy is our new all-mountain directional twin built for hard-charging kids. Most kids boards are made with very basic materials and are designed for first-time riders. Not the Prodigy. More Info:

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Tap into better board feel and soft-flexing support with the leader in lightweight traditional lacing performance.

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From peak to park, no boot has elevated more riders with time-honored tech, comfort, and performance.

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The world’s bestselling boot. Lightweight and warmer than ever with comfort you can feel from the start.

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Asymmetry now introduced into our award winning Carbon Credit series BTX snowboard. Step up to easy progression all over the mountain with premium technology in this friendly twin asymmetrical snowboard.

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