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307,30 € 439,00 € -30%

BURTON PROCESS OFF-AXIS SNOWBOARD Meet the king of pop. This action-packed Process aligns performance with your stance for the ultimate in park-tuned geometry.

419,30 € 599,00 € -30%

BURTON CUSTOM TWIN SNOWBOARD Feel like any trick is possible with the twinned out alter-ego of the most iconic board ever.

307,30 € 439,00 € -30%

Celebrate Craig Kelly’s legacy for innovation with this cambered, Nug-sized evolution of his iconic signature model.

349,30 € 499,00 € -30%

Navigate through the straight and narrow and along the ever- curving lines of the mountains. The Straight’s Backseat Camrock camber profile and shape lets you steer from the rear and plow through pow.

195,30 € 279,00 € -30%

The Prodigy is our new all-mountain directional twin built for hard-charging kids. Most kids boards are made with very basic materials and are designed for first-time riders. Not the Prodigy. More Info: https://www.jonessnowboards.com/gear/solids/prodigy.html

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Asymmetry now introduced into our award winning Carbon Credit series BTX snowboard. Step up to easy progression all over the mountain with premium technology in this friendly twin asymmetrical snowboard.

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Progression comes easy on this award winning all terrain twin snowboard. The Carbon Credit series BTX snowboard is built with premium components to perform for beginners or pros, and the price is unreal.

251,30 € 359,00 € -30%

One of the best urban and park boards in the game got even better for 2016. With a new RFC Sustainable Select Core, this Transworld Good Wood Award winner just keeps getting stronger. Featuring a throwback blunted shape with a shorter tip and tail for decreased swing weight, the Horrorscope allows you to size down without losing any performance.

326,20 € 466,00 € -30%

Ragazze, preparatevi per la nuova generazione di tavole da shred! La Banana Smoothie EC2 BTX della Roxy si presenta con il rocker tra i piedi e il camber ellittico verso punta e coda. Sappiamo che riesci ad immaginare cosa significa questa combinazione - esatto, significa galleggiamento in fresca, con epiche run tra gli alberi e anche giri in park che ti...

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Freeride and freestyle

349,30 € 499,00 € -30%


349,30 € 499,00 € -30%


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