DPS Pure Wailer 99 (2 sizes)

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The Wailer 99 is the Daily Driver, redefined. Based on the award-winning Wailer 112RP platform, the Wailer 99 exhibits comparable versatility in a narrower package.

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1 119,00 €

783,30 €


The Wailer 99 utilizes the Wailer 112's 3-D PaddleTech Geometry™—DPS’ original blend of rocker and variable sidecut. PaddleTech allows the skier to engage the Wailer 99's slightly cambered 18m underfoot turn radius while arcing g-loaded carves on hard snow. In soft or mixed snow, the skier draws on the gradually rockered paddle. The Wailer 99 gives you the best on-edge and off-edge performance, and the ability to get creative on the most versatile 100mm underfoot package ever designed. A women’s version is available in the Nina 99.

Pure3 Construction

Sizes: 168cm / 176cm / 184cm / 192cm

Dimensions: 125/99/111

Turning Radius: 16-19m

Weight: 1600 grams per ski

Tip Rocker Length: 460 mm

Tail Rocker Length: 368 mm

Running Length: 1510 mm

Made in the U.S.A. at the DPS Factory Utah

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