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Welcome to the future. It’s winter 2016 and man are we excited to be here, more alive than ever, living in the present, and loving the life that has emerged from our efforts in the past. This season marks 21 years for Smokin’ Snowboards. Some of you reading this aren’t even 21 years old, so when I say we have dedicated a lifetime of snowboarding, research, development, and love into the following line, it’s no joke. The progression of dream to reality is never as clear as the path it takes to get there. Dreams are sort of an abstract map, they don’t include the lessons learned, or the struggles you experience along the way. The things our dreams leave out are the most important. Our path from basement to present has been full of enlightenment. One of the most important things we have learned is to be “us”. to focus our attention and intentions on our brand regardless of what the rest of snowboarding is doing. If you ask me, it’s working.

Last fall we were awarded with a new accomplishment. Our Hooligan model landed a win in the Transworld Snowboarding Top Ten Good Wood test, while Nial’s board won a Best Of Test from Snowboarder Mag, as well as being picked by Men’s Journal as one of the “Best 9 Snowboards To Ride This Winter”. The Jetson was heavily tested, ridden, and awarded features and accolades from multiple magazines. On more than one occasion we were astounded as the reality that in some snowboarding publications, Smokin’ was gracing multiple pages, with multiple features and honorable mentions. What a wild feeling to see something we have built from the ground up as an independent manufacturer and company, literally playing ball with the biggest and most heavily funded brands in snowboarding.

The following pages are a direct reflection of what we, as owners, designers, craftsmen and most importantly snowboarders believe snowboarding needs. These are our dream rides. As lifetime shredders we have evolved so the snowboards we make have as well and the 2016 Smokin’ line shows it. We are allowed to make exactly what we want. We get to decide, through research and design, what does and doesn’t work. I hope during your look into the Winter 2016 catalog you get a clear understanding of not only who we are as snowboarders but also how that has influenced the design of the boards we are offering, and how those boards relate to you and your needs. If it wasn’t for snowboarders like you, snowboarders like us couldn’t do what we are doing. You are just as much a part of Smokin’ Snowboards as we are.

By buying rider made boards, you are directly involved in a positive future for snowboarding as a whole. We are OK with that!

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