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The new Wailer 106 shape represents an enormous sweet spot in any skier’s quiver. It’s light and ready to tour, yet also begs to be driven hard daily at the resort, or under the ropes.

1 249,00 €

624,50 €


Reach for it regularly when conditions are decent and experience the new Chassis approach to sidecut and flex profile design. It is a ski that bends around your boot, begging you to modulate the radii of your arcs, as you carve or slarve through a diverse range of snow and terrain. 

Truly unique, Pure3 construction makes for the most advanced and highest performing skis on earth. Pure3: Carbon+Nano features exclusive aerospace carbon and nanotech technology, and the absolute finest accompanying materials. Revolutionary on both paper and on snow, Pure3 construction showcases years of research and refinement in a ski that is 30 percent lighter than conventional constructions, while at the same time 30 percent torsionally stiffer, stronger, and more powerful.

Pure prepreg carbon fiber laminate
Textured polyarnlde top
UHMW sldewalls
Wlde profile Rockwell 48 steel edges
Aspen wood core
Fastest and hardest World Cup race bases

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